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Coconut Delight




Moonwhisper Farm & Products are certified USDA Organic, EU and Canana Organic located at Samutsongkram Province, Thailand.

With organic method, treating our land and environment the same way we treat our body is essential to Moonwhisper Farm.

Originally founded in 2010, Moonwhisper Farm is dedicated to manufacturing premium quality extra virgin coconut oil and coconut products. Grown on the fertile lands of the Maeklong River Delta in Thailand, our coconut farms require no additional fertilizers and regularly produce record numbers of fruit per year.

Our Vision & Mission are to create great health products, sustainable farming whilst supporting local community and natural ecosystem. 


We pride ourselves as one of producers for the best taste of organic extra virgin coconut oil as fresh, tender coconut aroma with no aftertaste of for effortless digestion. 


We're always striving to create the best and new products we can to support local & international market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can by any assistance.

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